More Partners

Sentinel Network

The Sentinel Network is an information network linking the healthcare industry with partners in education and training, policymakers and workforce planners to collectively identify and respond to new and changing demand for healthcare workers, skills and roles. Part of the Healthier Washington initiative, the Sentinel Network is a collaboration of state’s Workforce Board and the University of Washington Center for Health Workforce Studies, with funding from Washington’s Health Care Authority.

Practice Transformation Support Hub

Managed by the Washington State Department of Health, the Practice Transformation Support Hub (Hub) is accelerating the dissemination and implementation of practice changes toward value-based care, providing support and assistance to help healthcare providers adopt and adapt.

Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions (AIMS) Center

The AIMS Center”>AIMS Center at the University of Washington is a group of faculty, staff and consultants dedicated to improving the health of populations by advancing the research and implementation of Collaborative Care, a specific model of integrated care developed at the University of Washington to treat common and persistent mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Qualis Health

Qualis Health is one of the nation’s leading population healthcare consulting organizations, partnering with our clients to improve care for millions of Americans every day. Qualis works with public and private sector clients to advance the quality, efficiency and value of healthcare.
Qualis Health is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with regional offices located in Alabama, Alaska, California, Idaho, the District of Columbia and New Mexico.

Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center

NRTRC provides technical assistance, program support, education and information to Telehealth Networks in our seven-state region. Increasing the use of Telehealth service throughout the region, especially to underserved populations, by providing no-cost assistance to Telehealth providers.

Older Adult Falls Prevention

The Department of Health is a leader in falls prevention efforts throughout Washington. We work with a wide range of partners to develop solutions and increase the visibility of fall prevention throughout communities. Resources for trainings are available on the falls prevention programs page.