Scrubs Camp is Health Career Exploration For High School Students.

Scrubs Camp is a one day, hands-on chance for high school students to experience health careers through fun, realistic activities. Students learn about the skills and education pathways that lead to health professions. It’s a great way to engage with real health career scenarios and find out which specialty to pursue.

At Scrubs Camp students in grades 9 – 12 meet healthcare professionals and spend a full day learning about a range of different health careers. Activities include realistic interactive simulations like:

  • Being an EMT at the scene of an emergency
  • Practicing real surgery techniques, complete with mask, gloves, and scalpel (on a pig’s foot!)
  • Physical Therapy rehabilitation for people who’ve had strokes or injury
  • And: students use actual technology and equipment used in college classes

Scrubs Camp is a great way for students interested in a health career to find out all the possibilities and prepare for their next steps in education. Participants get concrete guidance on the training programs required for different types of healthcare careers, including information on financial options.

Scrubs Camp will be scheduled for late April, 2018, and will be co-hosted by AHECWW, Bellingham Technical College and Whatcom Community College. Registration will be opened in early March. Contact us at or call us at (360) 383-3170 for more information or to find out how to register.