HIV/AIDS and First Aid Training

Learn more about requirements for HIV/AIDS training requirements at the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) website. You are required to have AIDS education if you (1) work as a health care professional or in a state licensed or certified health care facility in Washington, or (2) want to get a license, certification or registration to practice a regulated health care profession in Washington state. The DOH site lists details on HIV/AIDS trainings in the state.

Credentialing for Healthcare Professions

Learn where you can access First Aid training, and about the credentialing requirements for various healthcare professionals at the Washington State Department of Health credentialing page.

Mental Health First Aid

Learn more about Mental Health First Aid and accessing training.

General College Resources

Big Future is a service of the College Board to help connect students to college success and opportunity. The Big Future website provides general information about the college experience, including exploring educational programs, paying for college, career search tools, and finding colleges by program type.

Resources for Career Exploration

Current and future health sciences students, and high school student exploring health career options will find resources and links for certificate programs, summer programs, and more.
Career Exploration/High School Programs lists summer programs for youth
Certificates and Training links to on-line and on-site programs to earn healthcare credentials

Scholarship and Financial Resources links that give answers about scholarships:

The Washington Scholarship Coalition operates the  website where students can easily be matched to available scholarships specific to their situation. Assistance with financial aid application forms is also available.
Washington State Opportunity Scholarship helps low- and middle-income students pursuing high-demand majors in the health care fields. 1850 new scholarships will be awarded.

General Training

Work Source Washington provides a wealth of information about career training and programs to help you navigate career planning.
The AHECWW training pages provide links and details for a wide variety of healthcare certificate and degree programs.